Distance Love letter

Mary Thomson

5661, Any Street

Some Lane

Ottawa, Canada

My loving Mary,

I know you will be really surprised to get my letter as I am not kind of a person who easily shows up my emotion. But sitting here miles away from you in New York I cannot stop myself from telling you that how much I love you. Since the day I have come here in New York for my new job, I have realized how much you mean to me. You are the most integral part of my life and means world for me.

Though I am physically in New York but my heart and my soul is there with you in Ottawa. I cannot recollect even a single minute when I do not remember you. Though I am away from you but my heart is there with you. I know you must be really sad that I left you there all alone but believe me my sweetheart it is for our bright future. I will take my transfer to Ottawa very soon and then we will be together forever.

Missing you a lot, hope to see you very soon.

Yours only,



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