General Love Letter

By | July 27, 2010

Mr. Joan Simpson

66/ A, New Wings Apartment

Link Road,

Toronto, Canada

Dear Joan,

I cannot stop my hands to write these three words “I love you” to pour out my heart for you. I am feeling so lonely today without you. I know you will come after ten days to see me but I cannot resist my feelings for you.

You make me feel so safe and warm. After your arrival in my life, I have seen beautiful days and cherished many lovable moments with you. I am always looking for someone who can be my good friend, philosopher and guide, which I found in you. I am glad to tell you that I feel very comfortable in your company. I am lucky to have you and get your love in my life.

Waiting for you, come soon my sweetheart. Call me whenever you get some time.

Yours loving,

Tina Jonson


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