How to write a love letter

By | September 9, 2011

Are you in love? Then let me tell you that a good handwritten love letter is one of the excellent ways of expressing your true feelings for your beloved. So if you have fallen in love with the girl next door or your classmate and want to write your first love letter, then quickly have a look at a few simple tips on how to write a love letter.

  • Ensure that your love letter has a personal touch and it should not be written like a formal letter.
  • Write something to make your beloved understand how much you love her and care for her and make her understand her importance in your life.
  • You can also use one or two love quotes for expressing your feelings.
  • Try to write your love letters¬†on decorative letter pads that are available in the market these days.
  • Write your love letter with brown or black ink. Avoid using red, blue or green since using these colors will tend to make your letter more formal.
  • Finally, remember to decorate the love letter beautifully with the help of some popular signs of love like rose petals, stickers shaped in the form of little red hearts, and so on.

So just keep these simple love letter writings tips in mind and feel the difference yourself!

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One thought on “How to write a love letter

  1. Don

    Hand-written letters are a lost art, in this day and age. Unfortunately. But it expresses emotion much more better than an email or text or tweet or letter by typewriter.


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