Love letter is a beautiful source of communication between two lovers to express their sentiments and feelings full of love. Love letter is always written with sentiments and with adoring expressions. The language of love letter should be tender and romantic to impress the love. Following are some tips to help you write a heartfelt love letter:

  • Use a classy presumed ink pen or pink colour on envelope to write a love letter.
  • Address your partner with affectionate words like “My dear love”, “My beloved” & “My darling”.
  • Then pour out your heart with romantic words and feelings to leave a lovely memorable message of love to make your lover realise how much you love him/ her.
  • Stays focused on the matter with discussion of your loving memories associated with your first meeting and with your past relationship.
  • Close the letter with lovely quotes of “love you forever” or “yours loving” and write your name at the end.