Ms. Eva Jonson

32/A, Nelson Apartments

Pink Road, Canada

My Dear Eva,

First of all, I am sorry for the fight which happened between us two days ago. I love you a lot unconditionally and after you left my place, I gave a serious thought to our reason of fighting. I can understand your wish to go to America for your higher studies and I respect your feelings but the mere thought of staying away from your forced me to loose my temper.

Moreover, I am being pressurised by my parents to get married and I am feeling helpless to resist this pressure anymore. You are the one with whom I would like to spend my whole life. So it will be better for both of us to meet each other’s parents to strengthen our love relationship. I want to see you this week any time you feel comfortable.

Love you forever! Hope you will forgive me for whatever I said.

Yours loving,

Bill Gears


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