Ms. Tina Roderick

34/D, New Villa Apartments

5th Lane, New Jersey


Darling Tina,

I am not so good with words to explain the depth of my love from the core of my heart to you. Like every day, I am thinking of you and feeling romance in the air. I agree that I have never taken an initiative to express my feelings for you; but today I want to express how passionate I feel about you.

During our two years of love relationship, every moment I spent with you, I felt the strength of the bond between two of us. Moreover, I feel safe and happy with you. You are the one who understands me completely. You make my life colourful and beautiful like seven colours of the rainbow. I have decided to spend my full life with you.  I cannot even think of a minute of my life without you, my love.

Thanks for coming in my life!

Your love,

Graham Bishop


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